Because your body, your baby, and your birth are wonderfully made!

 Creative Ways to Pay for Your Birth

Congratulations on your pregnancy and choosing a midwife-attended home birth!  You are choosing an option that offers personalized and attentive care throughout your pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum period.   Birth is a life event that will remain with you for the rest of your is worth the investment to plan for the birth you desire!  The investment involved with planning a home birth can seem overwhelming!  Below you will find some creative ways to help make payments on your balance.

  • Planning ahead.  If you plan on adding to your family in the next year, begin setting aside funds each month towards home birth expenses.  If you save as little as $100 each month for a year, you will have enough to pay almost half of the balance at the beginning of your care!  And payments of $100 at each visit during the course of your care will cover the rest!

  • Save those funds in a high interest savings account.

  • Before you become pregnant and if you do not have health insurance, consider a medi-share program such as Samaritan's Ministries, Liberty Health Share, and Medi-Share.  Most of these are religious-based and have requirements for potential members.  If this might be an option for your family, I highly recommend it.  These programs are typically midwife and home birth friendly and will pay for a high percentage of the fee.

  • Add it to your baby shower, Christmas, or Birthday “wish list”.  Family and friends may purchase a Madell Midwifery Gift Certificate.  The amount purchased will be applied to your balance. 

  • Consider a low-interest, short-term loan.

  • Consider a low/no-interest credit card. When the balance is paid to the midwife, cut up the card so you can’t charge anything more. 

  • Garage sale!  Many families have been able to fund their birth this way.  One creative idea is to ask friends and family to donate items to your sale.  You hold the sale and keep the profits!

  • Season of Sacrifice.  Get rid of extra expenses such as cable/satellite TV,  Netflix, cancel your land line, stop eating out, going to movies (rent at Redbox instead!), etc. 

  • Extra jobs.  Brainstorm together and come up with some things you and your husband/partner can do to bring in a little extra cash.  Things like babysitting, lawn care for a neighbor, house cleaning, etc. 

  • Do you get a tax refund each year?  Plan on applying that money towards your balance.

  • Set up a “Go Fund Me” account.  A word of caution:  Be sure to talk to a tax professional to find out if you will be responsible for gift tax.

  • Bartering.  Do you or your husband/partner have a skill or work in a trade that could be used as trade for a portion of the balance?