Explanation of Services:

Complimentary consultation - A face-to-face meeting for us to meet before you decide to purchase the package. 

Phone & email support during pregnancy - Access to answer any questions and direct you to evidence-based information.

Lending library access - Ability to borrow books from my extensive lending library.

Packet of informational handouts - Topics ranging from nutrition, labor and birth preparation, labor and birth process, breastfeeding....and more!

1 Prenatal visit - Approximately 60-90 minutes.  A chance to help develop your birth plan, teach comfort measures to you and your partner, discuss the labor and birth process.

1 Postpartum visit - Approximately 60-90 minutes.  Support for breastfeeding, discuss the birth and answer any questions you may have, and evaluate for PPD.

Madell Midwifery is excited to offer The Empowered Birth Package!

  This is the perfect option for families who do not desire a doula present at their birth or those who can not afford a complete doula package.  

Because your body, your baby, and your birth are wonderfully made!