Henna is a wonderful way to celebrate your pregnancy and your growing belly.  Adorning the belly with henna has been done by women in many cultures for centuries, dating back to ancient Egypt.  Some view belly henna to be a symbol of protection for both mother and baby.  Typically a design is chosen that has special meaning to.  A belly henna session is a time for you to relax and be pampered!  

What is henna made from?

Henna is the English name for a plant that the powder/dye comes from.  The plant is native to Australia, Asia, and northern Africa.  The leaves of the plant are dried and made into a powder.  This powder is mixed with a liquid (water or lemon juice) and is left to sit for several hours.  The powder will release the dye and the henna is ready for application to the skin or hair.

Is henna safe?

​All natural, quality henna is safe for use, including pregnancy.  Black henna is not (you may read here for more information).  I only use 100% natural, body art-quality henna from Mehandi.com.  I prepare my henna with real lemon juice, raw honey, and sometimes add Young Living Lavender essential oil.   

Some people are more sensitive than others.  The paste may not irritate when not pregnant but thanks to pregnancy hormones, the skin may be more sensitive to the paste during pregnancy.  It is recommended that you check with your care provider prior to having henna done.  

How long will the stain last on my skin?

A stain may last anywhere from one to three weeks.  Since the pregnant belly is stretched and a bit thinner, the stain may be present for approximately two weeks.  The longer the paste stays on the skin, the better the stain will be.  At the end of your session I will seal the design with non-latex bandage tape.

When in my pregnancy should I have belly henna done?

​Anytime!  Most prefer to wait until the third trimester when there is more belly to adorn with henna.  

How much does belly henna cost?

I offer a few different packages:

Package 1

Private one-on-one session in your home or my office 

Approximately one hour

Small design


Package 2

Private one-on-one session in your home or my office

One to two hours

Large, full belly design and one small hand design 


Package 3

​Baby Shower or Blessingway

Up to two hours 
Belly henna

Small designs for up to 10 guests


All Madell Midwifery clients receive a belly henna session (Package 1 or Package 2) as part of the fee for service.

How do I book a henna session?

Simply use the "Contact" tab above.  

If you desire to purchase Package 3, please email one to two weeks prior to your event.  I do not offer last minute bookings for that package option.    


Because your body, your baby, and your birth are wonderfully made!