The First Step
A complimentary one-hour consultation is offered to and is required of all prospective clients.  It is a chance for us to meet face-to-face, for you to ask any questions you may have, and to discuss the appropriateness of home birth for your particular situation.   These appointments and client appointments are done at my office on Monday evening, Tuesday evening, and Friday morning/early-afternoon.  To schedule your consultation, please use the "Contact" tab above.  

Midwifery Services Offered
- Client binder containing informational and educational materials

- Pregnancy, breastfeeding, or parenting book

- Initial prenatal visit which includes but is not limited to:
    - Medical and OB history taken
    - Initial lab work drawn
    - Dietary review
    - Prenatal exam
- Continuing prenatal care
    - Every four weeks until 28 weeks

    - Every two weeks until 36 weeks
    - Every week until birth
- Midwife available for questions/concerns throughout your pregnancy via phone, text, or email 

- Birth kit
- Use of birth tub (Birth Pool in a Box, LaBassine, or Oasis), tub supplies, and a new liner

- Continual labor and birth care
- At least one skilled assistant/student at the birth

​- Clean up after the birth.  Your home will be left in the the condition it was before delivery…or better. 

- Newborn exam done at your side
- Certifying and filing the birth certificate and filing for a Social Security Number
​- Perform the Newborn Metabolic Screen 
- Six weeks of postpartum care
     - In your home at 24 hours, 72 hours, and one week
     - In my office at three and six weeks (more often if needed)
- Breastfeeding education and support
- Nutritional counseling

Customize your services with these optional services included in the fee:

- Belly henna session

- Bowl for cord burning

- Up to four hours professional birth photography (provided by Taryn Starkey:

Madell Midwifery charges a global fee of $3,200.00 for the services listed above.  
       - A non-refundable deposit of $400.00 is due at the initial prenatal visit and is deducted from the balance due. 
       - A minimum payment of $100.00 is due at each prenatal visit and is deducted from your balance. 
       - The balance may be paid throughout the pregnancy and must be paid in full by 36 weeks gestation.  

Discounts and payment plans are available. 

NEW 7/14/17 - Now accepting insurance!

Services not included in the fee include but are not limited to:
Lab work 
    - An initial Prenatal Panel is required: Approximately $70 cash/check.  Insurance may cover this expense. 
​    - Additional labs may be required.  Cost dependent on individual need.  

    - A diagnostic ultrasound is required between 22-25 weeks:  Approximately $125-$197 (depending on location).  Insurance may cover this expense.
Doula services
   -  Cost dependent on individual doula. 
Birth Supplies
   - A list with recommended supplies is included in your client binder.  
Candles for cord burning, if desired

Sliding scale option available on a case-by-case basis. 

Gift Certificates available! 

  Gift certificates make a perfect baby shower, birthday, or Christmas gift!!  Add a Madell Midwifery Gift Certificate to your gift wish list!

The amount purchased by your friend or family member is applied to the your balance.

Please note: 
- I do not accept clients due between the second week of December through the second week of January in order to be fully present with my family during the holiday season.


Because your body, your baby, and your birth are wonderfully made!

Homebirth Midwifery Services