My Training

1999 - Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Summer 2006 - Labor Doula and Childbirth Educator Training with CAPPA

Fall 2006 - Began midwifery apprenticeship

2009 - Began practicing as Primary Midwife Under Supervision

2013 - Certified Professional Midwife credentials awarded

My Philosophy

I believe that pregnancy and birth are normal and natural events.  The body was created to birth and the need for intervention in that physiological process is quite rare.  Care for a low-risk pregnancy and birth can safely take place outside the hospital setting (  Many times that setting is safer than hospital due to the lack of unnecessary intervention.  You are not a patient.  Birth is not an illness.  Barring any high-risk situations, birth is not a medical event.  You do not need to be managed as such.  When left alone, labor is able to proceed naturally.  An intervention-free or low intervention birth provides many benefits to the client but also to the entire family.  There are times when intervention and technology can play a vital role in keeping the client and/or baby safe. However, in most situations, simply letting labor progress naturally, without intervention, is the safest route.  While a low intervention birth is possible to achieve in the hospital setting, it is rare.  Midwifery care and out of hospital birth provide minimal intervention and is safe for clients with a low-risk pregnancy.  


We are wonderfully made to bring our children into the world.  With that process comes the responsibility to be informed, empowered, and prepared to give birth.  A client who is wise and knowledgeable about the birthing process will be able to trust in body, baby, and caregiver.  The client has the ability to make wishes known because of what is normal for birth.  In addition, the wisdom is present to know when unexpected situations have occurred and that the caregiver's decisions are in the best interest of the client and the baby.  I strive to provide a birth experience that is free of unnecessary intervention and one where client, baby, and the entire family are respected.  A gentle entrance to the world is the best start for a newborn and a family.    


My desire is to provide competent and comprehensive care for the whole person; mind, body, and emotions.  This approach aims to fully prepare a client for the birth experience.  I also desire for families to be empowered in their choice and preparation for birth.  I work with each client to ensure care is taken for adequate nutrition, preparing the body and mind for the work of labor and birth, and work towards developing a trusting relationship.  While I follow standards of care and guidelines of practice, we work in partnership in preparation for your birth experience.  Should a request or a circumstance arise that may fall outside of those standards or guidelines, I will let you know. Otherwise we will walk through your pregnancy together.  I will support you in preparing for your birth.  I take only three to four clients for each due date month.  This allows me to provide this kind of attentive care to each of my clients and other family members.  Through routine prenatal care a foundation of trust and respect is built.  


I believe that when birth is kept normal, the baby will benefit greatly.  Giving your baby a gentle beginning is one of your first acts of unconditional love.  Your baby was wonderfully made to enter this world.  Trust your baby to enter the world in the way the baby needs to.  Immediately following birth all the baby needs is the parent(s).  Initial bonding with the parent(s) is vital and the Golden Hour is encouraged and supported in my practice. 


Regardless of how many times you have birthed, each birth holds its own fears and unknowns.  When you are expecting it is especially important to have someone alongside who can help you gather information, help educate, offer a hug, assist you during labor and birth, and come alongside in the days or weeks that follow the birth.  Planning a natural birth...a wonderfully made birth...will empower you for the experience you were created to have.  

My Family 
My husband and I have been married for 20 years and we have four children.  Our first two daughters were born in the hospital.  I received an epidural for the last ten minutes with my first.  Through that experience I realized birth was not something to fear and that I could handle it without pain medication!  Our second daughter was a planned unmedicated birth.  Our third daughter and our son were born at home in water.  In addition to birth work, I also home school our children.

Heathe​r Forrest, CPM

Meet the Midwife

Because your body, your baby, and your birth are wonderfully made!