What is montrice care?  Is a montrice the same thing as a doula?

Yes and no.  Montrice services are similar to that of a doula, with just a few differences.  A doula does not perform clinical tasks.  The montrice fulfills the role of a doula plus provides clinical support.  Someone providing montrice service is one who has training in assessing the client's vital signs, palpate fetal position, monitoring fetal heart tones, and checking cervical progress (when requested). When the client arrives at the hospital the montrice then serves in the role of a doula, providing no clinical support.  This is an excellent option for those who wish to labor at home as long as possible before arriving at the hospital.  

Are there things a montrice will not do?   Yes!
* Offer medical advice.  That is the job of your primary care provider.   
* Relay your consent or non-consent to the hospital staff or care provider on your behalf.  
* Make decisions for you.


Services Included in the Fee

  • Complimentary one-hour consultation

  • Six one-hour prenatal visits, beginning at 28 weeks which include:

  •     Discussing your wishes for labor and birth and help developing a birth wish list

  •     Discussing the role in which you desire the montrice to have during your labor and birth

  •     Learning and practicing comfort measures

  •     Relaxation practice 

  •     Learning various positions for labor and birth

  •     General overview of the labor and birth process (this should not replace a childbirth preparation course)

  •     Learning how to make informed choices

  •     Taking maternal vitals, listening to fetal heart tones, and palpating fetal position

  •     Cervical checks upon your request, at-term and only if indicated

  • Email and phone support, for non-emergent questions, between 9:00am and 9:00pm

  • 24/7 email and phone support starting three weeks before your due date

  • On-call for you starting two weeks before your due date

  • Labor and birth support

  • Helping partner with comfort measures during labor and birth

  • One to two hours postpartum care at your place of birth

  • One postpartum visit, more if needed

  • ​Newborn feeding support


I attend hospital births in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area only.  


The global fee for montrice services listed above is $1,500.00.  A non-refundable deposit of $250.00 is due at the start of care.  The balance may be paid throughout care and must be paid in full by 36 weeks.  


For more information on monitrice services or to schedule a consultation, please use the "Contact" button above.  


Because your body, your baby, and your birth are wonderfully made!

Montrice Services