Because your body, your baby, and your birth are wonderfully made!

“After laboring at home with our second child in 2013, I remember really regretting having to leave the warm soothing bathtub to head off to the hospital. Once we got to the hospital and I successfully had a non-medicated birthing experience, I instantly knew that I would have been fine staying at home if I had the support there that I needed. When our third baby came along in 2016, I knew that I wanted Heather Forrest for our midwife because my husband and I had done birthing classes with her back when I was pregnant with my first born in 2010. I must say that from getting to hear the first heartbeat to postnatal care, Heather was a miracle worker! She is the sweetest lady and is very skilled in taking care of both mother and baby. Her assistant, Ashley Dougherty, was the best support for me during labor when her reassuring words sounded a whole lot better than what I was saying to myself at the time. I most certainly though would have done this all over again in a heartbeat. The experience of birthing a baby at home will forever be something that I will treasure. I’m so happy that we chose Madell Midwifery.”

"After a disappointing hospital experience with our firstborn, we knew there had to be a better way. We contacted Heather when we found out we were expecting our second baby, and knew by the end of our consultation that we were on a new kind of journey. I was treated as a whole woman capable of caring for my body and my baby, the whole family was involved at every appointment and the birth, and I was never made to feel like a "patient" that needed to be told what to do. For the services that Heather didn't provide (such as ultrasounds and placenta encapsulation) she referred us to trusted providers that did outstanding jobs, and we felt like we had a whole village of people who genuinely wanted what was best for our family. The value we received throughout the whole journey was worth far more than what we paid, and we have a beautiful memory of our daughter's peaceful homebirth that we will cherish forever."

"Heather was an amazing midwife and friend throughout my entire pregnancy.  She was knowledgeable, helpful, and kind.  She always responded to my phone calls and texts quickly and was so patient with me.  She even coached my husband over the phone as she was speeding to make it in time for the birth!"

"Our first child was born at a hospital but we knew that we wanted a different experience rather than the standard medical care.  The intimate setting knowing that I was the only patient scheduled for that hour at every appointment made a big difference.  We could talk about all aspects of pregnancy, labor and delivery and I never felt that rushed feeling I used to get at the doctor's office.  Even though baby number two ended up with a transfer of care, the experience leading up to that point was measurable better than our first pregnancy.  Heather became my doula at the hospital and through her and my husband's coaching I was able to have an unmedicated labor and delivery.  The impact of home birthing and midwifery was escalated with baby number three as I was able to labor at home in the water.  If we choose to have another baby, it is without hesitation that Heather will be our midwife again."


"There were many different factors that we considered when we were looking for a midwife.  We looked for professionalism, knowledge, experience, and attitude along with many other things.  There is no doubt that Heather Forrest met all of our expectations.  But the reason we feel moved to tell other people about her and about our birth experience goes beyond those initial factors.  From our first consultation to the birth of our beautiful daughter, she was everything we could have wanted from a midwife and more.  We always felt like her number one priority.  She made herself available any time of day to answer any questions or concerns we had.  Her understanding of the natural birth process made us feel even more comfortable having her in our home to help guide us through our first home birth.  There was never a doubt in our minds that we chose the right midwife and Heather's loving and faith-filled perspective continually confirmed our choice."

"Choosing a midwife is no light decision.  For such an intimate experience, I wanted someone knowledgeable, nurturing, and who I felt comfortable with.  Heather is all of those things.  She stood back and calmly let me labor on my own, offering support when needed.  If I had been in any other situation I have no doubt that my daughter would have been a c-section.  I could not have been happier with my home birth experience and am thankful that I chose Heather to welcome our first daughter into the world."